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The Original Nessie Ladle

The Original Nessie Ladle

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Your 'beast' friend - From the OTOTO Studio comes Jumbo Nessie, the cute soup ladle. Scoop from the depths of the pot and serve into bowls of fun with this big-sized Ladle Spoon.

This nifty silicone ladle adds fun to every kitchen! A jumbo-sized treat - Looking for new home gift ideas for your loved ones or funny kitchen gadgets to add to your collection?

Nessie ladle design adds the kitsch to every kitchen! Serve soups, gravies, and more with this cute kitchen gadget friend. A 'Nessie'-ssary tool - Get kraken with fun kitchen spoons for cooking like Nessie, your soup ladle friend.

These ladles for cooking can take the heat with their heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe material. It's perfect for all kinds of scooping!

Made to stand tall - Nessie is always up and ready to use! Have Nessie by your side while you cook and serve. 

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